Appreciation of Others

This week I would like to send some trailrunner love to those who work tirelessly to document, photograph, tweet, blog and opine on almost every aspect of ultrarunning.  There are many sources, but I rely on the following:

  1. iRunFar
  2. TalkUltra
  3. Trailrunner Magazine
  5. Ultrarunning Magazine and
  6. Trail Runnning UK

iRunFar, is the creation of Bryon Powell, a former Washington, DC, food and drug attorney who in 2009 gave up the suit, annual Christmas parties, and big bonus’ to pursue his primary love, ultrarunning.  What Bryon has been able to do, better than most, has been to mold his love of untrarunning into the ‘go to’ site for any and all ultrarunning information.  Since creating iRunFar, Bryon has been joined by Meghan Hicks, his significant other, and who is an accomplished ultrarunner and writer in her own right.  I am thankful to both Bryon and Meghan, for sharing their passion of ultrarunning with the rest of us.

iRunFar also includes guest columns, gear reviews, races reviews, and much more.

TalkUltra is the premier ‘go to’ site for everything ultrarunning with a focus on non-US races.  TalkUltra was the brainchild of Ian Corless.  Ian, a Brit no less, has utilized his years of experience as a photographer, elite cyclist, participant in duathalons and tri-athalons (representing Great Britain at the Duathalon Worlds in Australia in 2005), and his late conversion to ultrarunning to create TalkUltra.  Ian’s coverage of the European SkyRunner and VK Series, Comrades, TransVulcania, UTMB, etc is by far the best, most informative and second to none.  And if Ian’s race coverage was not enough, you have to check out his podcast!  Not only does Ian land interviews with some of ultrarunning’s elite runners, but The Meltzer Moment with Karl Meltzer and Smiles and Miles with Emelie Forsberg are interesting, entertaining and informative!  I rely on Ian’s podcasts to make the weekly long runs zip by – I often find myself laughing out loud!

Lastly, you become aware of little known, but important ultrarunner facts; Stevie Kremer owes Ian a beer!

TrailRunner Magazine, is an all around great magazine with a focus on all things related to trail running.  TrailRunner has a specific focus on: Training, Upcoming Races, Nutrition, Gear Reviews, Destinations and Guidance for Beginners.  However, this Magazine goes beyond the dull and typical, it also includes entertaining articles such as ‘The Beards of Ultrarunning‘, ‘Running Like Beer is Meant to be Shared‘ and ‘Cows, Fog and Lady Gaga Tats.’ is a newcomer and a welcome addition to the ultrarunning community.  UltraSportLive was created by the ultrarunning beer lovers at UltraRunnerPodcast.  Both sites, UltraSportsLive and UltraRunnerPodcast offer great gear reviews, podcasts, interviews, race reports, and a calendar of upcoming races.  But, as the name implies, brings live video coverage to selected races!  This allows you to share in the excitement in a was that Twitter and race reviews do not.  In addition, there is another reason to visit the UltraRunnerPodcast on a weekly basis  – to view the latest editions to their ‘Black Toenail Hall of Fame‘!  We are all encouraged to participate!

UltraRunning Magazine is the premier magazine focusing wholly on ultrarunning.  UltraRunning provides some of the most extensive coverage of ultra races in the United States.  UltraRunning not only includes in depth reviews of selected races, but also finishers and other relevant articles of interest.  For example, recent articles include: ‘How to Increase Your Walking Efficiency‘, ‘Midyear Reassessments’, and ‘The Basics on Hyponatremia’ to name a few.

Lastly, but not least, is one of my favorite trail running magazines, Trail Running Magazine, ‘The UK’s No. 1 Off-Road Running Magazine’.  This Magazine, as the name implies, has a specific focus on trail and/or fell racing and covers topics similar to the sites discussed earlier but with a specific bent to the UK.  As with Ian Corless, I love the British sense of humor.

The sections that I most appreciate are:  ‘Routes’ – this section typically includes detailed trail maps, course descriptions and pictures; ‘Little Known Races’ which includes beautiful pictures as well as detailed races descriptions; and articles such as ‘Choose your nutritional weapon…The optimum intake for runners is 30 grams of carbs per hour but what does that look like?’

As you can see, as this sport continues to mature, so does the coverage.  Although, I’m not sure that can be said of all those who report on the sport!

But that is the beauty of ultrarunning; it continues to draw people who are incredibly talented, driven, and unrelenting, and yet caring, supportive, and, well like me, wannabehippieultrarunners!

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