Just What in the Hell Am I Doing??????

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Well, we are going on thee months since my successful completion of the Pine to Palm 100.  Since that time I have been taking it easy and just running fun easy miles.  However, with spring fast approaching, I need to mentally, and physically, prepare myself for the races that I will obligate myself to complete in 2015.

After Pine to Palm, I needed a break!  I took it!  I ate what I wanted!  I drank what I wanted!.  Screw training, schedules, veggies, tofu, vitamins…… To hell with it all!  During this break, I have indulged like no other time this year!  For example, my diet has been meat free.  But during this ‘mental recuperation’ phase, I have not been able to get enough meat!  I’m not sure what it was, but meat never tasted so good!

So, given my lax training, poor diet and copious drinking, I have added a few, shall we say, non-muscle pounds.  Sure, the extra weight is useful during the downhill jogs; we all remember those high school physics classes and something about potential energy changing into kinetic energy, right?!  But alas, it is a detriment to the uphill the proceeds the downhill…..

The ‘potential energy’, poor diet and consumption of great wine almost every night (thanks to FranksWine.com) must come to an end.  The end of my Henry VIII lifestyle will be timed to coincide with the Western States 100 Lottery this coming Saturday, December 6th!  Although, I am not holding my breath as WS has calculated my chances of being chosen at a little greater than 4%…. Regardless of this weekends outcome, I will begin to wean myself off of nightly wine, candy bars, and meat!  I am ready for schedules, Flora protein shakes and muddy Hoka’s!

Let us all enjoy the holidays but keep an eye towards 2015!

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